Buying Virginia Farms

What’s so special about Virginia farms?

Their spectacular, breathtaking beauty…
Selling Virginia farms is a unique work. Like an antique dealer, I’m always on the hunt for the next amazing find and know a good one when I see one.

I’ve spent my career living on a historic Central Virginia farm, selling them, and finding new owners to love them. I’m often asked what’s so special about Central VA farms. Why such an interest?

As a child, I grew up in some beautiful historic homes. I loved the details in each one and I loved contemplating the lives of the people who once occupied them.

As I grew up, I developed a passion for restoring old homes. I loved pairing the design of the past with modern-day features.

But I also love the peace and calm that can be found on historic farms – some of which have been built upwards of 200 years ago. In our increasingly busy world, these estates age calmly and with dignity. Many have been completely renovated inside yet keep the time period in mind.

Of the many Charlottesville Virginia farms for sale, I continue to be amazed at the tranquility that can be found on the grounds. The ability to take long, secluded walks along a rolling bucolic countryside or past a peaceful pond make these estates especially alluring. Whether it’s a family or someone who has a deep appreciation for the architecture, the land, and the history, every farm is unique, and they are for a special buyer.

It’s why I take such great pride in hand-picking the homes. I love finding specific details on each farm. As we all spend more time at home and look for ways to find more presence in our day-to-day lives, these farms offer exactly that. They are an escape from the hustle and bustle that has come to define our culture. They are a return to a slower pace, to more thoughtful living without sacrificing all the creature comforts and modern-day necessities.

Virginia farms offer a way to get back in touch with nature. The fecund landscape and pristine views that can be found on Charlottesville farms for sale are unparalleled. The picturesque calm can be hard to encapsulate in words. It’s why I always enjoy site visits, to ensure the buyer can feel what’s special about each estate.

The never-ending landscape, the fresh air, and quiet, and the details that reflect a time long passed can make these farms quite magical. It’s continued to bring me great fulfillment to find and sell these homes.

From those who are looking for space and quiet to those looking to live off the land, grow their own food, or raise their horses, these farms offer a different kind of living.

We love helping to find the property that is the right fit. If you’re looking for the right Virginia farms for sale, contact us. We’d love to help YOU.

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